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The Importance of Having a Family Dentist

Has it been a while since you visited a dentist?  If you don't think of it as a priority or you don't know who to visit, Dr. Theodore Pappas of Pappas Family Dentistry can help!  Dental health care is just as important as other medical care and maintaining a relationship with the same dentist over time is a convenient option. Having a family dentist makes sense because they can treat the whole family, from seniors to infants. Visit our office in Enfield, CT.

More About Family Dentistry

A family dentist is dependable and convenient. You can make a single appointment for you and your children to visit their office, instead of separate appointments at different dental offices. Dr. Pappas can refer you to a specialist if need be, but he can deal with a variety of issues and provide several services like tooth extraction and laser dentistry.

A family dentist is trained to care for your smile throughout your life and can adjust as you grow older. They also have a unique insight into your family history so they can be proactive about your dental health.

What does your Enfield, CT, dentist provide patients?

  • Dental checkups: Your dentist needs to check your teeth twice a year to make sure there are no cavities or other diseases that need immediate treatment using X-rays and oral observations

  • Professional dental cleanings: Brushing and flossing daily is a no-brainer but a professional cleaning is a deep cleaning. Your dentist or a hygienist cleans hard-to-remove plaque and tartar on tooth surfaces and under gums

  • Education: your dentist can also provide patients with important information like how properly brush and floss their teeth

  • Fluoride treatments and dental sealants: Fluoride treatment protects and dental sealants protect children against cavities

Do you need to speak with a family dentist?

A family dentist may be exactly what you and your family need. Dr. Pappas specializes in helping the whole family. To learn more about what he can do or to schedule an appointment at Pappas Family Dentistry, call his Enfield, CT, office at (860) 745-0662 today!

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